Fly Products Max $ 5500

Used Fly Product Max 130 with only 28hrs. Electric Start with 3 Blade Carbon Propeller and Agama Water Self Inflation Device.

FLY Products did it again! The Max combines the perfect ratio power with reliability and portability that a PPG pilot demands in a paramotor. Attractive new colors combined with excellence in workmanship. This is what the Max is about.

fly products max 130 for sale with paramotor trainingWith the excellent success that the well known Power Gold model brought to FLY Products during the last 9 years, this Italian manufacturer now focuses in portability by designing this new model. The usual good taste of FLY Products when designing paramotors can be seen on the Max.

All frame and cage manufactured in Ergal 7020 T6 aluminum which offers 200% more break strength than traditional 6061 T6 and chrome molly used by the majority of other Paramotoring manufacturers.

Super powerful, quiet (certified by the German agency DULV for noise level), reliable, strong built (certified by the German agency DULV for structure failure), pilot friendly, comfortable, etc. are some of the characteristics found on this PPG unit. The right combination of a Simonini Mini 2 Plus (G24) engine of 28 HP, a Walbro 37 carburetor, an exhaust system designed exclusively for FLY Products and specifically for this model and the right propeller to achieve maximum performance makes one of the best PPG units in the market today.

To enhance power and reduce noise level even more, the option to install a 3 blade carbon fiber propeller is available.

paramotor lessons and for sale with training in San Antonio txThe same powerplant used in the FLY Products Max has won innumerable awards since 2001 (Sun’n Fun fly-in best Powered Paraglider at show, Parastars PPG Convention thrust contest, Albuquerque fly-in thrust contest, PPG National Convention thrust contest, etc). with its older brother, the Power Gold. There is no powerplant like the Simonini Mini 2 Plus (G24) in the way that FLY Products puts it together that compares in performance, reliability and thrust to others.

fly products max 130 paramotor for sale austin txPrice includes: Simonini Mini 2 Plus (G24) engine of 28 HP 200 cc’s, electric starter, Walbro 37 carburetor, Righetti intake carburetor silencer, chromed tune pipe exhaust with an extra muffler (silencer), deluxe throttle with start/stop switch, deluxe harness with high density foam shoulder strap pads and back protector, neoprene side pockets, Emergency Parachute pocket integarted with handle, large bottom pocket for storage, speedbar pulleys, quick release buckles and press gate carabiners, distance bars with anti-torque system and semi-weight shift control, low attachment active-flying- receiving bracket welded to main frame (low attachment active-flying system upgrade available), aeronautical Ergal 7020 T6 aluminum frame and 6 piece dismountable double ring cage, 2 piece dismountable frame, stainless steel hardware, 4.3 gallon gas tank for 3.5 hours of flying time, (3 blade carbon fiber propeller upgrade), maintenance tool kit, owner's manual, 2 year manufacturer defect warranty on the frame / cage and 1 year manufacturer warranty on the engine.paramotor training and for sale with lessons canyon lake texas

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