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Paramotoring is a very Fun and affordable form of aviation that is rapidly Growing.


It is affordable and compact,so compact that you can pack everything you need in a case and bring it with you on an airplane or car to any destination you can imagine.


Where is your next PPG adventure going to take you?


Canyon Lake Flight above the clouds with Fresh Student



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The Sky is the limit to how much fun you can have.No license required and the training is only a fraction of the cost of any other form of aviation.

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Come join us in Austin Texas and learn how we Adventure!

Flight Training and PPG Info and sales!


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If you already have a PPG and want to freshen up or come on our next paramotoring Adventure give us a call 830-832-4155


JetPack Rentals

jetpack rentals canyon lake txHave you ever dreamed of effortless flight? Flying through the air, hovering high above the world below, even diving underwater? You can experience the world's first recreational jetpack with us at the Canyon lake Jetpack Rentals & Adventures! This water-propelled jetpack is safe, easy-to-use and FUN!

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Paramotoring Adventures

A Laptop ComputerIf You are looking to find out what it is all about to fly through the sky like a Bird and see things that just are not possible from the ground then you came to the right place.


One of the great things about your training is that you can virtually learn how to fly without ever leaving the ground.


Intro Course Usually Takes about 3-4 hrs.. Complete Foot Launch Course Takes 5-7 days,Depends on the students learning curve.



Your First Paramotoring Adventure is just a phone call Away !

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