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Imagine soaring around like a bird hundreds of feet in the airsynergy paramotor for sale austin texas


or gracefully skimming along the waters surface all from the safety of your new Paramotor!

Come join us and learn how safe and fun Paramotoring is . It is a unforgettable experience that will always keep you satisfied with excitment and always keep you wanting more. Beware when you start Dreaming of Paramotoring it becomes very hard to sleep!

Paramotor Info

  • paramotor trainingParamotoring is the latest development in foot-launched ultralight air sports
  • A paramotor is a fair weather machine - flying in strong or gusty winds is not recommended. A paramotor has a fuel duration of up to 3.5 hours
  • No license is required to own or fly a Paramotor in the US, but professional training is required, we are offering the knowledge and training to get you up in the air!

  • Paragliding has developed into a popular aviation sport in the last 14 years. It is an evolution of hang gliding, but without a rigid structure - easier to learn, lighter in weight, but most important of all can be carried in a rucksack.

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Lessons $1500 Don't own your Own? Take Lessons with our Rental Equipment $2000


austin paramotoring sales and trainingWe have paramotor packages that have been tailored to suit every level and experience flyer, we understand that some pilots will have unique and specialised requirements. Our customised paramotor package can be tailored to your individual needs - from custom paint job to unique wing colour design - we can create a custom paramotor package for you! Please note that lead times will be considerably longer due to the bespoke nature of this product. Please contact us with you requirements.




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