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paramotoring austin txParamotoring is becoming the most rapidly growing form of aviation. This is because of the simplicity and low cost of paramotoring as a sport, but also due to the fact that it is extremely safe and enormously good fun! A paramotor fits easily into the back of a car and allows almost anyone to fly without a license at a fraction of the cost compared to other aircraft.

We offer both foot and wheel launch powered paraglider training. Training time varies from student to student

PPG 101 - Intro Training Course

Dreamweaver CS3Training is carried out on a one-on-one basis. We have found over a period time this is the best method to train prospective pilots. Each student can learn at his/her own pace without any outside distractions.

Our PPG Course provides the skills and knowledge you need to confidently fly on your own. Learn about the equipment, launching, and landing! Get the fundamentals of maintenance, weather, and many other tricks that would take years to learn on your own. Emphasis is placed on mastering flying from the beginning along with fully understanding the rules, regulations, and physics of the sport.


We also offer FREE refresher courses to all of our students. Give us a call and spend a day or more working with our instructors to get you over whatever hurdle you need practice with. We will be here for you now and in the future.

We also offer group training and, if you can’t travel to Canyon Lake Tx, A traveling Instructor can come to you! Class sizes are limited to no more than 3 students.

  • The possibility of training depends on weather and we can spread it over many weeks or months if you can only train on weekends and/or your schedule is not flexible.
  • The amount of flights one will achieve is usually about 10-15. There is a slight possibility that you will only manage a few flights if your skills are below average.
  • Flying foot launched PPG is quite demanding and requires good level of fitness.
  • ( Equipment Rental ) You will be responsible to pay for any damages to school equipment. You will be required to sign $ 1000 blank VISA or MC sales slip. Those without VISA or MC will have to provide $ 1000 in cash or $ 1000 certified cheque or money order. Blank credit card slip, $ 1000 cash or cheque or money order will be returned at the end of the course or upon request.
  • I make every possible effort to ensure the safety of all students, but it must be understood that due its characteristics, high adventure activities involve risk and are inherently dangerous relative to other recreational activities. I ask you to consider these facts when deciding whether or not to engage in PPG. The course is physically demanding, you should be in reasonably good physical condition. I reserve the right to limit or fully exclude any student’s activities if I deem it necessary, as to ensure their safety or the safety of other students or pilots. I will make all final decisions. Every student is required to sign a release of liability waiver prior to course participation.


We can come to you !

Purchase a New Motor and Wing Package and we will come to you for your Training.

All you need is a good flat field thas usable.

or Call now for Info on our next training Course -- PPG Rentals Click Here --

Complete Foot Launch or Trike Training Course

$1000 with Purchase of Gear

$1500 If you already Own Gear

$1500 Renting our gear with a $500 Credit back Towards Purchase of gear through us in the future.


A Laptop ComputerIf You are looking to find out what it is all about to fly through the sky like a Bird and see things that just are not possible from the ground then you came to the right place. One of the great things about your training is that you can virtually learn how to fly without ever leaving the ground.

Our Intro Course Usually Takes about 3-4 hrs.

Complete Foot Launch Course Takes 5-7 days,Depends on the students learning curve..

Intro Course $399 Includes Gear

$299 If you have your own.

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First Step In Training -- PPG Rentals Click Here --

First we will go to one of our training area's and get hands on experience with the equipment & learn about it and how to ground handle the glider.

We will provide all the equipment necessary to get you started with working with the glider and kiting it overhead from the safety of the ground with an instructor.

When you are done with the Intro Course you will have a new understanding of how it all works and how simple and safe it can be with the right instructing.

You will have gotten the opportunity to

  • Learn some of the terminology
  • Fly the glider hands on in the training field
  • Understand how to ground handle and kite the wing overhead.
  • Learn About weather conditions safe for flight
  • Discuss what size motor & wing will be best suited for you
  • Learn about different types of Wings & Paramotors
  • Learn about the laws and regulations of Paramotoring

Full Foot Launch Course $1500

paramotoring texas training Our Full foot launch course usually take 3-5 Days of training depending on the students learning curve and the weather.The price paid for our course will cover however many days it takes for you the student to learn to safely get the knowledge & Skills for flight.Even if it takes 7-10 days or more.

We offer FREE refresher courses to all of our students. Give us a call and spend a day or more working with us to get you over any hurdle you need practice with. We will be here for you now and in the future.

What you will Learn

  • Hand Kiting
  • Reverse Kiting
  • Forward Launches
  • Reverse launching Techniques
  • Landing
  • What to do in case of an engine out
  • Weather basics and how to read what it is doing
  • About different types of Paramotors & Wings
  • Equipment Maintenance & Storage
  • Airspace , Rules and Regulations on Paramotoring
  • Tricks of the trade to stay a safe pilot

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