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ozone paragliders for saleOzone Spark $2990

The Spark is the ideal choice for your first paramotor flights. In the beginning, paramotoring can feel complicated and cumbersome, and the Spark is designed to make your first flights as safe and simple as possible, with an incredibly easy launch and highly forgiving in-flight characteristics. Simply put, with the Spark, your PPG progression will be faster and more enjoyable.





ozone viper ppg wing for saleOzone Viper 2 $3900

The Viper set the standard in the new milleneum of PPG competition with World Championship, European, and National Titles and is doubtless the most successful competition wing of its time. Now, the Viper 2 is available with increased top speed, a better glide ratio, and EN certification. The central mission of the Viper 2 development was to not only improve every aspect of the Viper, but to get it into a wing that is certified EN C. The first thing PPG pilots will notice is that the Viper 2 does not launch like a reflex wing… that is to say, it launches easily, inflating and rising over the pilot with incredible efficiency. In flight, the Viper 2 is considerably more comfortable than the original Viper with increased passive safety and agile, yet not overly-dynamic, handling. The speed and glide of the Viper 2 must be experienced (or seen) to be believed, and are superior by any comparison.


ozone paramotor wings for saleA special tip-steering system allows pilots to control the wing via the outer edges of the trailing edge at the wingtips while flying in accelerated modes. This allows for a safer and more efficient turn than when using the normal brakes.

The Viper 2 is at the absolute top of the ‘Reflex’ wing class, with an unbeatable combination of efficiency, speed, and safety. Reflex speed and free flight efficiency of the Viper 2, combined with passive safety and certification is an achievement that is attainable thanks to more than a decade of paraglider design and testing.




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